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Teach your child early to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let them experience Body Art first hand by introducing them to complete and total relaxation. We have designed our children’s services to meet the specific needs of our young guest. Let them enjoy relaxation at its finest with a invigorating massage, cucumber mask facial, relaxing pedicure and finish with our specially designed manicure. Please allow them to experience relaxation to its fullest while you are receiving you special service. Service prices are for children ages 5-11 yrs.


Lil Girl’s Day at the Spa

Birthday Parties or Special Occasion  $325.00


All basic package parties include no more than 12 children between the ages of 4 and 10 years old. (More children are allowed but price will be raised – inquire with receptionist) Each child will receive a luxurious spa pedicure and spa manicure as part of the basic package. (Package upgrades such as eye art, massage, hair braids & spa gift bags,  are offered, see upgrade options below). Parties begin with our guests relaxing in the spa area. At this time, our young guests will be given a robe to place over their clothing.

Once all guests have arrived, services will begin. The guests will be rotated for their pampering while other guests may relax, eat, and drink until their turn. (This is a great time for pictures.) We provide Sprite, which will be served in plastic champagne glasses. (We recommend you to bring water bottles for your guests.) We only allow Cookie cakes for the parties. Please bring your own plates and utensils. A non-refundable $100 deposit is due at the time of booking.

If your child has a favorite CD, she is more than welcome to bring it. Our staff works very hard to please our young guests, gratuity is appreciated. Important tips for a successful Spa party We ask that you have no more than THREE adults per party due to spacing limitations. Space is limited and it takes away from the party fun when moving around is difficult.

We suggest that on your invitations you specify a “drop-off time” and a “pick-up time.” We also ask that you do not arrive more than 5 minutes before the time of your party. We have a full staff of workers to assist with any setting up you may need.

The Services:

      • The Manicure: This service is designed to beautify and pamper the hands of our young guests. Each guest is allowed to choose their color. We will then remove any previous polish and massage the hands. NO alterations to the hands, nails or cuticles will be performed on our young guests.
      • The Pedicure: This service is designed to massage and relax the feet of our young guests. Each guest will receive the full spa treatment by having their feet soaked in our pedicure tubs. Any previous polish is removed. We then gently massage their feet with spa lotion and polish their toes with the color of their choice. NO alterations to the feet, nails or cuticles will be performed on our young guests.
      • The facial: This is a service performed in our facial rooms. The faces will be washed and massaged with a gentle
        cleanser and moisturizer. No extractions or deep cleansing takes place.

Upgrade Options:

      • The Gift bags: Each bag will consist of an assortment of fun items such as pedicure files, nail clippers, toe separators, and nail polish . $7.00 per child

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

*Please note (after hour BIRTHDAY PARTIES) that staff members provide these services during the party, not licensed therapists.

General Prices: 

        • Child pedicure $25
        • Child manicure $12
        • Cucumber Facial $25
        • Mini Massage $20
        • Shampoo & Style $15+
        • Hair cut & Style $20+

Young Beauty Day:  Massage, Facial, Pedicure & Manicure $75


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