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Teeth Whitening 

 Our blue light emission LED light, is calibrated at the perfect wavelength to activate our unique whitening gel to remove stains from the tooth structure.

Absolute White Teeth Whitening 

The perfectly placed gel trays create squeezing effect and force our gel into and around the entire tooth structure.  The LED light heats up the particles in the gel to intensify the process.  The light intensifies and releases the hydroxyl radicals that course, the process will only whiten your teeth to their natural potential however you can expect the following:

  • 2-6 Shade Lighter

  • Safe & Painless

  • Lasts up to 12 months

This process has been proven safe for tooth enamel and your gums. 

20 minutes $ 99

What Our Clients Say

Lauren did wonderful with my Swedish massage and my facial with Esperanza was amazing. Enjoyed the whole place and the atmosphere. They offer many amenities including a detox soak

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